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Merry X-mass and a happy NewYear!

“Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting.”

Let’s give our horses some extra attention this time of a year

It’s time to look back… at all the wonderfull moments we were able to experience this year thanks to our equine partners. Every achievement that we booked, we booked together. Only by giving our horses the qualitative support they need, they are able to perform at their maximal potential. Let me inspire you to do the same as I do every day…

Every morning, go and say “Good morning”, treat your equine athlete with a few minutes of your time before you start working. Look him into the eyes, give him a hug, let him know you are there for him. Be his confidant.

Every evening, get out into the cold. Look up to the stars and remember… “Stars cannot shine without darkness”… If you and your equine partner have a setback, don’t let that get you down. Together you’ll find a way to turn it around. Listen to what he tells you when you gently brush his coat, losing track of time

Be inspired, set new goals,

Joke & Hera


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